PerCS-Net Data Visualization Space

We recently published the PerCSNet data visualization space, with AXIOM Data Science. Currently we have included a number of datasets that show geotagged coastal imagery, current and past sea ice conditions, and near real-time environmental conditions. We will continue to populate the VizSpace with existing datasets from the ADC portal, other national and international data repositories, as well as help ingest previously unpublished datasets.

In our May newsletter we announced that AXIOM Data Science had developed an online coastal photo submission tool. We are interested in images that capture the diversity in permafrost coastlines and low-lying permafrost coastal regions in the Arctic. We hope you can share your images. In addition to being incorporated into the PerCS-Net viz space, they will be available in a UNEP online educational resource.

PerCS-Net VizSpace image

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Map of Arctic coastal type, permafrost distribution and sea-ice extent.

New Pan-Arctic Synthesis Paper Published in Nature Reviews

More than 10 PerCS-Net members collaborated on a recent review paper that was published in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment in January 2022 highlighting the drivers, dynamics and impacts of changing Arctic coasts. The article is one of a collection of papers on Permafrost in a warming world published in January that examine the physical, biogeochemical, and ecosystem changes related to permafrost thaw and the associated impacts.

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