The Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net) will fill fundamental knowledge gaps associated with transforming permafrost coasts in the Arctic by linking over ten existing national and international networks. This international network of networks will develop protocols for quantifying and synthesizing information on the impacts occurring in coastal permafrost systems and promote synergy across networks to foster the next generation of researchers charged with identifying potential solutions to a rapidly changing Arctic System.

Network News

Sasha Petersonk, UTEP

Member Spotlight: Sasha Peterson

Sasha Peterson is a PhD candidate at University of Texas at El Paso whose research seeks to understand the patterns and drivers of erosion in Beaufort Lagoons and across the North Slope of Alaska.  Read more about her work and interests.

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Map of Arctic coastal type, permafrost distribution and sea-ice extent.

New Pan-Arctic Synthesis Paper Published in Nature Reviews

More than 10 PerCS-Net members collaborated on a recent review paper that was published in the journal Nature Reviews Earth & Environment in January 2022 highlighting the drivers, dynamics and impacts of changing Arctic coasts. The article is one of a collection of papers on Permafrost in a warming world published in January that examine the physical, biogeochemical, and ecosystem changes related to permafrost thaw and the associated impacts.

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Arctic Coastal Dynamics circum-Arctic GIS database

New European Space Agency Project Focused on Earth Observations for Permafrost-Dominated Arctic Coasts

Earth Observation for Permafrost dominated Arctic Coasts (EO4PAC) is a new effort funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) Polar Science Cluster to develop the next generation of the Arctic Coastal Dynamics database, a geospatial product on Arctic coastal erosion initially released in 2012. The focus of the two-year project is on complementation of in situ records with satellite data across the entire Arctic.

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Recent Member Publications

Buzard, R.M., Kinsman, N.E., Maio, C.V., Erikson, L.H., Jones, B.M., Anderson, S., Glenn, R.J. and Overbeck, J.R., 2023. Barrier Island Reconfiguration Leads to Rapid Erosion and Relocation of a Rural Alaska Community. Journal of Coastal Research.

Catipovic, L., Longnecker, K., Okkonen, S.R., Koestner, D. and Laney, S.R., 2023. Optical insight into riverine influences on dissolved and particulate organic carbon in a coastal Arctic lagoon system. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, p.e2022JC019453.

Hauser, D.D., Glenn, R.T., Lindley, E.D., Pikok, K.K., Heeringa, K., Jones, J., Adams, B., Leavitt, J.M., Omnik, G.N., Schaeffer, R. and SimsKayotuk, C., 2023. Nunaaqqit Savaqatigivlugich—working with communities: evolving collaborations around an Alaska Arctic observatory and knowledge hub. Arctic Science.

Kavan, J. and Strzelecki, M.C., 2023. Glacier decay boosts the formation of new Arctic coastal environments—Perspectives from Svalbard. Land Degradation & Development, 34, 3467-3474.

Kislov, A., Alyautdinov, A., Baranskaya, A., Belova, N., Bogatova, D., Vikulina, M., Zheleznova, I. and Surkova, G., 2023. A Spatially Detailed Projection of Environmental Conditions in the Arctic Initiated by Climate Change. Atmosphere, 14(6).

Kizyakov, A.I., Ermolov, A.A., Baranskaya, A.V. and Grigoriev, M.N., 2023. Morphodynamic Types of the Laptev Sea Coast: A Review. Land, 12(6), p.1141.

Luetzenburg, G., Townsend, D., Svennevig, K., Bendixen, M., Bjørk, A.A., Eidam, E.F. and Kroon, A., 2023. Sedimentary coastal cliff erosion in Greenland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, p.e2022JF007026.

Ogorodov, S., Badina, S. and Bogatova, D., 2023. Sea Coast of the Western Part of the Russian Arctic under Climate Change: Dynamics, Technogenic Influence and Potential Economic Damage. Climate, 11(7), p.143.

von Biela, V.R., Laske, S.M., Stanek, A.E., Brown, R.J. and Dunton, K.H., 2023. Borealization of nearshore fishes on an interior Arctic shelf over multiple decades. Global Change Biology, 29(7), pp.1822-1838.

Vonk, J.E., Speetjens, N.J. and Poste, A.E., 2023. Small watersheds may play a disproportionate role in arctic land-ocean fluxes.
nature communications, 14(1), p.3442.

Zhang, Y., Jafarov, E., Piliouras, A., Jones, B., Rowland, J.C. and Moulton, J.D., 2023. The thermal response of permafrost to coastal floodplain flooding. Environmental Research Letters, 18(3), p.035004.

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More than 60 Network members met for an Arctic Coasts Workshop from October 9-11 in Boulder, Colorado. Read more