The Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net) will fill fundamental knowledge gaps associated with transforming permafrost coasts in the Arctic by linking over ten existing national and international networks. This international network of networks will develop protocols for quantifying and synthesizing information on the impacts occurring in coastal permafrost systems and promote synergy across networks to foster the next generation of researchers charged with identifying potential solutions to a rapidly changing Arctic System.

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Forbes, D.L., Craymer, M.R., James, T.S. and Whalen, D., 2022. Subsidence drives habitat loss in a large permafrost delta, Mackenzie River outlet to the Beaufort Sea, western Arctic Canada. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 99(999), pp.1-21.

Hampton-Miller, C.J., Neitlich, P.N. and Swanson, D.K., 2022. A high-resolution map of coastal vegetation for two Arctic Alaskan parklands: An object-oriented approach with point training data. PloS one, 17(8), p.e0273893.

Klein, K.P., Lantuit, H. and Rolph, R.J., 2022. Drivers of Turbidity and Its Seasonal Variability at Herschel Island Qikiqtaruk (Western Canadian Arctic). Water, 14(11), p.1751.

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Nielsen, D.M., Pieper, P., Barkhordarian, A., Overduin, P., Ilyina, T., Brovkin, V., Baehr, J. and Dobrynin, M., 2022. Increase in Arctic coastal erosion and its sensitivity to warming in the twenty-first century. Nature Climate Change, 12(3), pp.263-270.

Overeem, I., Nienhuis, J.H. and Piliouras, A., 2022. Ice-dominated Arctic deltas. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3(4), pp.225-240.

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Philipp, M., Dietz, A., Ullmann, T. and Kuenzer, C., 2022. Automated Extraction of Annual Erosion Rates for Arctic Permafrost Coasts Using Sentinel-1, Deep Learning, and Change Vector Analysis. Remote Sensing, 14(15), p.3656.

Stark, N., Green, B., Brilli, N., Eidam, E., Franke, K.W. and Markert, K., 2022. Geotechnical Measurements for the Investigation and Assessment of Arctic Coastal Erosion—A Review and Outlook. Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 10(7), p.914.

Zimmermann, M., Erikson, L.H., Gibbs, A.E., Prescott, M.M., Escarzaga, S.M., Tweedie, C.E., Kasper, J.L. and Duvoy, P.X., 2022. Nearshore bathymetric changes along the Alaska Beaufort Sea coast and possible physical drivers. Continental Shelf Research, 242, p.104745.

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