The Permafrost Coastal Systems Network (PerCS-Net) will fill fundamental knowledge gaps associated with transforming permafrost coasts in the Arctic by linking over ten existing national and international networks. This international network of networks will develop protocols for quantifying and synthesizing information on the impacts occurring in coastal permafrost systems and promote synergy across networks to foster the next generation of researchers charged with identifying potential solutions to a rapidly changing Arctic System.

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Bruhn, A.D., Stedmon, C.A., Comte, J., Matsuoka, A., Speetjens, N.J., Tanski, G., Vonk, J.E. and Sjöstedt, J., 2021. Terrestrial Dissolved Organic Matter Mobilized From Eroding Permafrost Controls Microbial Community Composition and Growth in Arctic Coastal Zones. Frontiers in Earth Science, 9, p.165.

Clark, A., Moorman, B., Whalen, D. and Fraser, P., 2021. Arctic coastal erosion: UAV-SfM data collection strategies for planimetric and volumetric measurements. Arctic Science, pp.1-29.

Danielsen, F., Johnson, N., Lee, O., Fidel, M., Iversen, L., Poulsen, M.K., Eicken, H., Albin, A., Hansen, S.G., Pulsifer, P.L. and Thorne, P., 2021. Community-based monitoring in the Arctic. University of Alaska Press.

Larsen, J.N., Schweitzer, P., Abass, K., Doloisio, N., Gartler, S., Ingeman-Nielsen, T., Ingimundarson, J.H., Jungsberg, L., Meyer, A., Rautio, A. and Scheer, J., 2021. Thawing permafrost in arctic coastal communities: A framework for studying risks from climate change. Sustainability, 13(5), p.2651.

Tanski, G., Bröder, L., Wagner, D., Knoblauch, C., Lantuit, H., Beer, C., Sachs, T., Fritz, M., Tesi, T., Koch, B.P. and Haghipour, N., 2021. Permafrost carbon and CO2 pathways differ at contrasting coastal erosion sites in the Canadian Arctic. Frontiers in Earth Science, 9, p.207.

Zou, Z., DeVries, B., Huang, C., Lang, M.W., Thielke, S., McCarty, G.W., Robertson, A.G., Knopf, J., Wells, A.F., Macander, M.J. and Du, L., 2021. Characterizing Wetland Inundation and Vegetation Dynamics in the Arctic Coastal Plain Using Recent Satellite Data and Field Photos. Remote Sensing, 13(8), p.1492.

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